Birth + postpartum doula care with respect.

I believe in:

Birth + postpartum doula care with respect.

I believe in:

You deserve to feel respected, supported + nurtured during your pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum.

I know that you are the utmost expert on your body and your baby.

Birth Doula Support

As your Birth Doula I provide mental, emotional, and continuous support during pregnancy, labor, and the postpartum period.

  • I may at times act as your guide, your cheerleader, your confidant, and your advocate.
  • I will help you practice advocating for the evidence based care you desire, and how to move your body.
  • I believe in your ability to follow your gut and forge your path as a birthing person, partner and as a parent .

+ Postpartum Care!

*Currently only taking on postpartum clients whose birth I am supporting.

  • I will help you learn how to care for and feed your baby as well as your post pregnancy body and mind.
  • I will help you make choices based upon your individual life experience, your history, and your desires.
  • I promise to give you unapologetic honesty and zero judgment as you learn how to best balance care of baby and self.

Work with me...

Birthing support should be available to all who want it. I do offer sliding scale pricing. If my rates are out of your budget, please reach out and let’s talk about what could work for you.


  • Unlimited call, email and text support
  • 2 prenatal meetings
  • Continuous labor support- either in person, or virtually
  • One postpartum visit

FEE: $1500

Postpartum Doula Care available for $35 / hour daytime or $45 / hour overnight.

COVID 2021: 

I am currently limiting the number of families I support in person in order to keep my vulnerable clients and family as safe as possible. I wear masks and follow the CDC guidelines when out of my home/pod.  I am fully vaccinated as of 3/2/21.

frequently asked questions

Q: When should I hire a doula?

A: That totally depends on you and your needs! Many people hire me in the first couple of months of their pregnancy, and when I come in early I’m able to help them carefully examine and choose their perfect location for birth, their healthcare providers, as well as map out childbirth education and pediatric care.

I also often am hired around 25-30 weeks/ join in later in pregnancy, and at that point our time is very much centered on late pregnancy care, birth and postpartum. I’ve also been hired WHILE a client is in labor! When you are ready, it’s the right time.

Q: I already have an OB/midwfe, why do I need a doula?

A: Great question! Your health care provider is there to keep you and your baby safe, they are not there to look after/prioritize your and your partner's mental and emotional health and wellbeing.

That’s where I come in! I’ll teach you how to identify and center your emotional needs during your pregnancy, labor and postpartum, as well as helping you figure out how to balance the intricacies of growing a new person while still tending to your full self. I can help you identify potential triggers and the very best ways to help you feel autonomous during this process.

If you have a partner, I will teach them how to be the very best support for you during this entire process. They will learn how to use touch, massage, advocacy and connection to keep you feeling safe and loved.

Q: I want an epidural or want/need a c section, so I shouldn’t need a doula?

A: Not true! I have helped so many pregnant people plan for absolutely beautiful epidural and c section births. Sometimes they are necessary and exactly what you want or need. There are so many ways to help you prepare and plan YOUR birth so that it centers your emotional well-being, as well as prioritizing evidence based care.

Some of the most beautiful births I have ever seen have been well planned out epidural assisted birth and gentle c sections.